Every journey has that first step.


Welcome to my blog. I go by Wulfbleud as my pagan name but most address me as James. I’ve walked this path for nearly two decades now. I’m getting up there in age, so I’m finding a place to make notes of my observations while i still have time on this world. The posts I will write will most likely be of an emotion of some sort. I have the power of an empath. I can read people’s feelings. I also feel them. Sometimes it can be very scary being an empath. You have to learn how to shield and protect yourself. In a crowded room, an empath can spin out of control because the fluctuation of emotions is so high that we cannot handle the setting any longer and leave.

Growing up, I was diagnosed ADD and developed anger issues in my teens. I’ll get to my childhood one of these days in a separate post. But when I started to believe in something other than God and Jesus, and saw more logic and reason in a collective religion, the anger slipped away. I felt peace and love and happiness without the use of drugs or whores. I hope my blog posts inspire you and brings you a good feeling reading what I write. Please feel free to comment an idea or even an editing remark. I welcome critical criticism, because without adversity, we cannot grow.

The path is only a part of the journey.
Come, walk with me child.

There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth.
~Charles Dickens