The Spark

In the deepest of deep, and the darkest of dark
lies a complex phenomenon known as the spark.
It creates Universes and Galaxies and energy small and large
Negative ions and positive quarks release a giant charge
It shifts its creations this way and that,
chaotic vibrations three million light years long
And here I am, right where I belong.
A human of Earth, a mere speck amongst all
Uncertain of my purpose in the grand scheme of things
But that’s how it is with most human beings
Then I see the ant, smaller yet than me
The ant adapts to his world, the ant knows how to be free
The ants work collectively to survive Earth’s ill effects.
Storing for the winter, and nesting for their rest.
The ant can do many things even being so small
So what does that say of humans? Us being large and tall.
“United we stand, divided we fall”
An older quote from an earlier time,
but it’s truth stands immortal, impervious to time.
As humans now We make circles, some big some small.
It doesn’t make us united at all.
Groups against group and the hate that is formed
Brings me back to my question once more.
What is my purpose, why am I here?
What have I done to be punished year after year?
I’ve not fulfilled my destiny as I am still alive,
But galaxies and universes and multiverses are born from the dark
And all that it needed was just a little spark.


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